The Economist multimedia, “Living up to Nobel?”

April 15, 2010

A conversation about Barack Obama’s nuclear security summit:

The Economist, “Nuclear family gathering”

April 13, 2010

Barack Obama brings the world to Washington in an attempt to keep of loose nuclear material

“Add to this the fact that multilateral arrangements like the American-led Proliferation Security Initiative are often seen by developing and non-aligned countries as tainted by an American-dominated security agenda, and Mr Obama might have just decided to throw up his hands in despair. Instead he has made a start, turning the goodwill generated from agreeing with Russia to reduce America’s stockpile of weapons into something real, thanks to Ukraine’s offer, before the non-proliferation treaty conference next month. Now all that remains is for Mr Obama to persuade nearly 30 other countries with stocks of highly enriched uranium, not to mention his own electorate, to do the same

The Economist, “The limits of freedom and faith”

April 9, 2010

Opponents of a bid by Muslim states to “protect religion” claim a small success

“IT DOES not happen often: Christian lobbyists, the sort who favour prayer in American classrooms and crucifixes in Italian ones, lining up on the same side as secularists who battle to curb religion’s role in the public square. But in both those camps there has been some quiet satisfaction after a recent vote at the United Nations. Not over the outcome, but over the slim margin of defeat