The Economist, “Mail-strom”

November 28, 2009

Leaked e-mails do not show climate scientists at their best

“There is nothing in the e-mails so far to suggest that the authors do not believe in man-made global warming and are making the whole thing up, as some have been claiming. A more serious concern is that they believe in global warming too much, and that their commitment to the cause leads them to tolerate poor scientific practice, to close themselves off from criticism, and to deny reasonable requests for data

The Economist, “Let’s agree to agree”

November 19, 2009

Barack Obama and others admit that Copenhagen will at most produce only an outline climate agreement. But that would be a lot better than nothing

“A number of climate-watchers in Washington breathed a sigh of relief when Barack Obama and Lars Lokke Rasmussen said what everyone involved had long known. Not only will Mr Obama now not sign a bill before Copenhagen; the Senate is not even expected to vote on one. But at least that means that the several committees that get a crack at the bill will be allowed to get on with their work

Council on Foreign Relations, “Countdown to Copenhagen”

November 11, 2009

I moderated a lively panel on global perspectives ahead of December’s Copenhagen climate conference. The session, held in Washington, included Jose Goldemberg of the University of Sao Paolo, Sun Guoshun of the Chinese embassy, and Atul Arya of BP, three very different characters with very different points of view. Audio is here. See also the feisty talk by Ed Markey, co-author of the Waxman-Markey bill, who connected tomorrow’s green revolution with yesterday’s telecoms revolution; if we’d let entrenched interests have their way, he said, you’d still be using a rotary-dial phone, and forget about the Blackberry in your pocket. Finally, check out the excellent panel session with Michael Levi, Frank Loy and Daniel Price, moderated by the Washington Post’s Juliet Eilperin.